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Important Whitelisted only
about 1 year ago

To all,

As of now, Obby-Craft is whitelisted only. Due to the lagg of player interest, the large amount of maintenace it took, I removed most of the plugins on the servers wer'e running on.

So all protection plugins, etc are gone. Without these protection plugins the chance of players griefing each other is growning. Because playing minecraft, for me, is still a form of relaxation, I chose to make my server whitelisted and only to accept my former Legitplay buddies.

Because most of us knew each other well enough I can assume that griefing between each other is out of the question. With a small group of friends, all kind of plugins (teleporting etc) to get through the world wont be necessary either. Without all ...

It is I coderunner47
about 1 year ago

Hey all,

I thought someone has to start, so why wouldn't it be me. Here we go....

Coderunner47 in the flesh. I started playing minecraft on version 1.7.9 formaly known as obiku19. So minecraft wise not an old player, while in RL I am.:/ nvm.

My first time online was on a server which has died in 2015.


After that server died, I was driven to start my own server. I can tell you all... it aint easy, but it is fun.

Although this server disallows having alt-accounts I myself have 2 accounts Coderunner47 (like my forum account) is a regular player account, while AgentSmith71 is my servers admin account.

Hmm, forgot to mention, I'm from the Netherlands.

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